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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Oct. 23, 2017
Author: Shipra

Independent Study Exam This exam asks you to use the research you’ve done on the U.S. health care system and that of connected comparison countries. You will gain maximum points for each question if you provide an answer that 1) directly addresses the question and 2) provides specific supporting data. Answers should reflect your own learning and observations. Other sources may be used to support your thinking, but other sources are not a substitute for your thinking. 1) One issue you examined in your research and reading was the efficiency of the U.S. health care system (the degree to which the system is able to control costs). Identify the top three variables that contribute to the cost structure for health care in the U.S. Briefly discuss the one of these three variables which contribute most to inefficiency and indicate why that might be the case. A. Eco system to serve to patients and improve health conditions and treatments. B. Analyzing the factor inputs like hospital beds, treatment machines, doctors, and nurses. C. Spending money on healthcare for betterment. Why? Because more you spend money in healthcare better you get good treatments. Somehow, lesser spending money the patients will not get good treatments because the updated and new machines are not provided in every hospital, there is some hospitals are average that they do have treatments but not as the expensive hospitals have. It’s all about spending money. From the reading of the report, it is clear that the efficiency of U.S. health system depend on three parameters viz. Poor Eco System that act as a health hazard, lack of infrastructure such as hospital beds, treatment machines support staff ( nurses, doctors, technicians ) and less amount of money at the disposal of people to get the best treatment. While each one of the three variables mentioned contribute to the sustainability of health care, according to me the second factor i.e. poor infrastructure is the one that contribute to most inefficiency of the health system. If the hospital equipment is faulty or if proper equipment is not available it would lead to poor treatment. So even if the patient is willing to spend more money, the treatment will not be effective. Moreover, if the support staff such as doctors, nurses and technicians is not qualified enough, they provide wrong diagnosis and patients may suffer. So it is better to spend money on infrastructure and make them available to maximum number of people at a cost that is affordable. To support this argument, the data provided in the research report clearly states that As per Health Affairs, roughly US$7 was spent on every woman, child and man in US in the year 2007, which was 20% of all that was spent. These costs are only expected to increase with time. This is a clear indication that the money spent in maintaining an effective health care system is not sufficient to take care of those who are in desperate need of the same. That is one of the reason Obama Administration has taken a bold step by providing health care to maximum number of people by cutting down on fiscal deficit and other costs. 2) A second issue you examined in your research and reading was the effectiveness of the U.S. health care system (the degree to which the system supports the health of the U.S. population). Identify the top three variables that contribute to the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of health care in the U.S. Briefly discuss the one of these three variables which contribute most to effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) and indicate why that might be the case. For effectiveness: Encourage the people for being healthy, maintain body, and believe them health is life not money or new technology machines are not saver. Make patients happiness, and make them believe on the healthcare is for their help and need. Why? There are many reasons that patients can happy toward good healthcare such as patient experiences, saving cost, happiness, neighbor and community benefits, and seminars that update people about health. Effectiveness of U.S. health system can be sustained only if the three variables that contribute to its functioning are maintained in balanced condition. These are maintaining healthy environment such as reducing pollution and developing habits that lead to healthiness such as balanced diet, exercise , refraining ( or cutting down) from consumption of nicotine or alcohol , providing excellent services by support staff who are trained to carry out such actions. Encouraging people to maintain is the best method to have an effective health care system. If people are made to realize the importance of healthy diet and exercise, less number of people would fall ill and the hospitals would not be burdened with admitting people having minor illnesses. To support this argument, it is mentioned in the research report that A lot of initiatives are being taken to push people towards having a balanced vegetarian diet, reducing sugar and sweetened beverages and having more of fruits and raw vegetables. A lot of food partners are also working to find out the barriers to healthier food systems and to increase the number of nutritious options. Initiatives are being taken by hospitals educational institutes and others to educate people and encourage them to learn about the importance of maintaining healthy life style. 3) While researching and reading about the U.S. health care system, you also learned about the health care systems of other countries. Drawing on what you learned about heath care in other countries, identify two processes, structures, or practices that enhance efficiency elsewhere and two that enhance effectiveness elsewhere that the U.S. might want to consider for improving health care in the U.S., along with potential benefits. I would say for US and different countries remain healthy and keep the body maintain. So from this strategy they would help countries economic to improve. And there is no comparison between countries because healthcare system is different than other countries. The process and structures are maintain the body and being healthy. It is not correct to compare the health system of two countries as the living style and economic conditions of countries are different. In certain countries the climatic conditions force people to eat food that is rich in fat or sugar as otherwise they may not be able to sustain themselves in tough weather conditions. Some countries are not advanced in terms of economy and have higher number of unemployed. In such conditions, the residents will not be able to afford basic treatment itself. However, what is common is that if people are encouraged to lead a simple life by having healthy food and exercise, then the health care system will not be burdened so much with patients. Healthy food does not mean having costly items to eat. And exercise does not mean that one has to join a gym to exercise. For exercise, one can use natural methods such as brisk walking, jogging, yoga etc.