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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 4, 2017
Author: Shipra

Biology MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (MCQs) MCQs are used by teachers to conduct a formative evaluation of learning through opportunities like: testing of knowledge, recall of facts and cause and effect relationships. This template provides everything you’ll need to create MCQs. Instructions to use the template: • Open the template only by double clicking on the file and do not use the open command. This will help create a copy of the template. If you have opened the template using the Open command, please close it and do as instructed. • This document contains templates for three types of questions: questions with text in options, questions with test in options but image as reference, questions with image as options. According to your requirement, copy the relevant question template and paste to make your own question. • Every question template has two options that can be used to specify the level of the question: HOT and LOT. Please choose the required option and delete the other one. • Each MCQ will have two HOT and two LOT questions. • Save it with the module name given in the master excel sheet of topics. File Name Board Book Class SubjectID Subject ChapterID Chapter TopicID Topic ModuleID ModuleType ModuleDisplayName SmartClass Global Curriculum - ICSE Biology 9 Biology Nutrition Deficiency diseases causes symptoms and treatment MCQ Note: Copy the relevant row containing, Board Name, Book Name, Class Name, Subject ID,Subject Name, Chapter ID, Chapter Name, Topic ID, Topic Name, Module Type, Module Name and Module Display Name from the master excel. Select the blank row in the table given above and paste the copied row. Search Keywords <Type search keywords here > MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Question type LOT Question 1 The excretory unit in the human excretory system is called: A Nephron B Neuron C Nephridia D Kidney Answer Nephron MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Question type Without Image HOT Which of the following are often called glands of emergency A .Thyroid gland B Adrenal gland C Pancreas D Pituitary gland Answer Adrenal gland Question type With Image as options LOT Question 1 The procedure of cleaning the blood of a person by using a kidney machine A Ketolysis B Hydrolysis C Dialysis D Photolysis Answer Dialysis: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Question type HOT Question 1 The substance which is not reabsorbed into blood capillaries surrounding the tubule of nephron mainly A glucose B water C urea D Amino acid Answer urea