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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 4, 2017
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Biology WORKSHEET (WS) WSs are used by teachers to provide students an easy way to practice whatever has been learnt.This template provides everything you’ll need to create WSs. Instructions to use the template: • Open the template only by double clicking on the file and do not use the open command. This will help create a copy of the template. If you have opened the template using the Open command, please close it and do as instructed. • This document contains templates for eight types of questions:LABEL THE DIAGRAM,FILL IN THE BLANKS, MATCH THE FOLLOWING, OTHERS, DRAW THE DIAGRAM, TRUE OR FALSE, SHORT ANSWERS, PICTURE COMPREHENSION and . According to your requirement, copy the relevant question template and paste to make your own question. • Save it with the module name given in the master excel sheet of topics. • Work sheet can have maximum three LABEL THE DIAGRAM. • Work sheet can have maximum ten FILL IN THE BLANKS. • Work sheet can have maximum two MATCH THE FOLLOWING(but each type will carry about 10 lines that need to be matched) • Work sheet can have only one question in OTHER (for these just give space for an image). • Work sheet can have maximum two DRAW THE DIAGRAM(each diagram may have about 10 to be identified). • Work sheet can have maximum ten TRUE OR FALSE. • Work sheet can have maximum five SHORT ANSWERS. • Work sheet can have only ONE PICTURE COMPREHENSION. • Work sheet can have maximum ten MCQs.(optional) File Name Board Book Class SubjectID Subject ChapterID Chapter TopicID Topic ModuleID ModuleType ModuleDisplayName SmartClass Global Curriculum - ICSE Biology 10 Biology Endocrine System WKS Note: Copy the relevant row containing, Board Name, Book Name, Class Name, Subject ID,Subject Name, Chapter ID, Chapter Name, Topic ID, Topic Name, Module Type, Module Name and Module Display Name from the master excel. Select the blank row in the table given above and paste the copied row. Search Keywords Endocrine ,hormone ,hypo ,and hyper secretion steroids hypothalamus, feedback mechanism. LABEL THE DIAGRAM SPACE FOR THE 1 Pituitary Gland 2 Thyroid 3 Adrenal 4 Pancreas 5 Ovary in female 6 Testis in male FILL IN THE BLANKS 1 _______ regulates the rate of cellular oxidation resulting in heat production at rest. Ans : Thyroxin 2 Brain may enter a state of coma , if there is _______ secretion of insulin. Ans : Hyper 3 Pancreas is a ______ gland. Ans : Heterocrine 4 The term _____ hormone refers to such hormones which stimulate other endocrine glands to produce their specific hormone. Ans : Tropic 5 Anti diuretic hormone is also called ______ . Ans : Vasopressin 6 The uterine contractions during child birth is an example of _____ feedback mechanism. Ans : Positive 7 The ____ gland hangs from the base of the hypothalamus. Ans : Pituitary 8 Adrenal cortex secretes _____ hormone that suppresses inflammation. Ans : Cortisone MATCH THE FOLLOWING PART A PART B Option A - Adrenal cortex Option 1- Insulin Option B -Islets Option 2 – Thyroid Option C - Adrenalin Option 3 – Exocrine gland Option D – Mellitus Option 4 –Nervous control Option E – Iodine Option 5 – Little islands Option F – Delta cells Option 6 – Hormonal control Option G – Rapid Option 7 – Adrenal virilisn Option H – Long lasting Option 8 – Emergency hormone Option I – Peptides Option 9 – Honey Option J – Salivary gland Option 10 - Somatostatin ANS : Option A Adrenal virilisn Option B Little islands Option C Emergency hormone Option D Honey Option E Thyroid Option F Somatostatin Option G Nervous control Option H Hormonal control Option I Insulin Option J Exocrine gland OTHER IMAGE : 1. Identify the gland. Ans: Pituitary gland 2 Where is this gland located? Ans: This gland hangs by means of an infundibulum from the base of the mid brain. 3 Why this gland is called the ‘master gland’? Ans: The secretion of this gland controls the secretion of all other endocrine glands. 4 Which structure is controlling the secretion of pituitary gland? Ans: The hypothalamus of the brain secretes releasing hormone which controls the secretion of pituitary gland. 5 Name the hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary. Ans: Growth hormone,. Thyroid stimulating hormone, Gonad stimulating hormones, adrenocortico trophic hormone. Draw the diagram of thyroid gland and label its parts TRUE OR FALSE 1 Insufficient secretion of insulin causes diabetes insipidus Ans : FALSE 2 Pancreas is situated above the stomach Ans : FALSE 3 Steroid hormones are derived from cholesterol Ans : TRUE 4 Hormones are produced in very quantities Ans : FALSE 5 Hormones are not stored in the body Ans : TRUE 6 Testes produces testosterone Ans : TRUE 7 Hypersecretion of adrenal cortex causes Addision’s disease Ans : FALSE 8 Mineralo corticoids regulates mineral metabolism Ans : TRUE 9 Glucagon is secreted from the beta cells of pancreas Ans : FALSE 10 Thyroid is a unilobe structure Ans : FALSE SHORT ANSWERS Question 1: A person suffering from low metabolic rate , becomes sluggish with swelling of the face and hands –name the disease the person is suffering from. Which gland is responsible for the secretion of this hormone? Question 2: Why are insulin and glucagon considered as antagonistic hormones? Question 3 : Name the hormones that regulate the activities of ovaries and testes. Question 4 : What is water diabetes? Question 5 : What is negative feedback mechanism? Answer: 1 : Myxoedema due to undersecretion of thyroxin. Thyroid gland. Answer 2 : Insulin checks rise of sugar level in blood. Insulin converts excess glucose to glycogen and store it in the liver. Glucagon stimulates the breakdown of glycogen in the liver to glucose. These two hormones act opposite to each other . Hence, they are considered as antagonistic hormones. Answer 3 : Gonadotropic hormone, oestrogen , progesterone, testosterone. Answer 4 : Diabetes insipidus is also known as water diabetes which is caused due to the deficiency of ADH. In this disease urination is frequent , resulting in loss of water from the body and person becomes thirsty. Answer 5 : Body has a mechanism to maintain normal state. Hormone usually work on the principle of feedback inhibition. This means whenever there is a change in the normal body state , there are messages through the body systems to increase if there is a fall below the normal or to decrease if there is rise above the normal. This kind of ordering for the opposite is called negative feedback. PICTURE COMPREHENSION Source: 1 Name the emergency hormone Ans: Adrenalin 2 Which gland secretes this hormone Ans: The medulla part of the adrenal gland 3 Where is the gland located? Ans: The gland is located above the kidney. 4 Why this hormone is called an emergency hormone? Ans: Adrenalin is a hormone which prepares the body for fight, flight and fright. Extra energy and strength is provided to the body by this hormone in that situation. Adrenalin prepares the body to meet any emergency situation. 5 How is the adrenal gland stimulated? Ans: The gland is stimulated by the nerve endings of the autonomic nervous system. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Question type With Image as reference for question LOT Question 1 What type of deficiency disease is this? A Exopthalmic goiter. <Inse rt reference image here> B Simple goitre C Cretinism D Dwarfism Answer B MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Question type Without Image HOT / LOT Question 1 Hormones are secreted from their source directly into the - A Lymph B Tissue fluid C Blood plasma D Blood cells Answer Answer choice: C MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Question type With Image as options LOT Question 1 Which one is the master gland? A B C D Answer Answer choice: B PITUITARY