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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 3, 2017
Author: Shipra

Psychology . Counselling is one of a number of helping strategies which individuals use throughout their lives. Everyone has some of the skills required for each strategy but will become more skillful if they are aware of the different skills Counselling is an inferiority complex with respect to its slightly older sibling, Psychotherapy. Or, perhaps more accurately, it could be claimed that psychotherapy has the superiority complex with respect to its younger rival, counselling. Counseling is the artful application of scientifically derived psychological knowledge Psychotherapy is simply defined as the treatment of psychological disorders or maladjustments by a professional technique, as psychoanalysis, group therapy or individual therapy. In contrast counseling is defined as professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems. Counselling is used to explain a relatively brief treatment that is focused most upon behaviour. It targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and offers suggestions and advice for dealing with it. Psychotherapy is generally a longer term treatment which focuses more on gaining insight into chronic physical and emotional problems There are no essential differences between counseling and psychotherapy but there are unessential differences. Both counselors and psychotherapists engage in the same behaviors –listening, questioning, interpreting, explaining and advising and so on. However, often they differ so in different proportions. Generally, psychotherapists are less directive, go little deeper, work a little longer with individual cases, and a charge of high fee. In contrast, counselors are slightly more directive and work more on developmentally normal- but troubling-issues, work more overtly at the surface. They also, work more briefly with individual clients and charge a bit less for their services. Although counselors work with less disturbed clients but psychotherapists work with more disturbed patients, now obtaining services from masters’ level counselors or social workers is generally less expensive, counselors often work more than psychotherapists with clients who have extensive personal and family problems.