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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 3, 2017
Author: Shipra

Developmental & Social Psychology Essay Name: Submission Date: Learning Outcomes Criteria Classification Fail 3rd 2,2 2,1 1st conversant with a range of theoretical perspectives on the nature of psychological development (e.g. cognitive science, constructivism, sociocultural psychology) 2.acquire an understanding of major issues, findings and areas of research in contemporary developmental psychology (e.g. Theory of Mind, development of memory and representational abilities (language, drawing, number etc), cognitive change in infancy and across the lifespan, etc) 3. engage critically with a range of historic and contemporary debates within developmental psychology, including the relationship between communication and cognition, and the interplay of biology and culture in psychological development 4.apply and evaluate multiple perspectives on issues in developmental psychology in an informed, systematic and critical manner, employing appropriate psychological terminology, concepts and conventions in communication, and when summarising and critically evaluating journal articles and other readings on selected topics. Introduction: Covers main themes/justifies scope of essay Coverage of concepts/theory: demonstrates clear and extensive knowledge of the subject Evidence: provides relevant evidence to support arguments Critical Evaluation: provides a critical analysis of material discussed Answers the question: provides a comprehensive answer to the question Conclusion: offers a clear conclusion that integrates preceding discussion Structure and Quality of narrative: effective use of paragraphs, presents a coherent argument, correctly referenced. Fluently written, accurately spelt and grammatically correct References: shows use of material outside recommended readings: Follows American Psychological Association (APA) format Overall Mark (%) 1st Marker: 2nd Marker: General comments: