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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 3, 2017
Author: Shipra

Film making To successfully complete this week’s discussion “Frame by Frame,” view three of the following film clips from o Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) o The Big Country (1958) o Planet of the Apes (1968) o The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) o The Shining (1980) o Posse (1993) o Sleepless in Seattle (1993) o Eight Heads in a Duffle Bag (1997) o Moulin Rouge! (2001) o The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) Discussion 1 1. The Cinematic Auteurist Much in the same way people have favorite authors who create certain expectations from their writing; we have the auteurist theory in film. Explain why the auteurist theory has become so important to film analysis. What are some arguments against auteurist theory? How does auteurist theory affect the way that films are marketed? How does it affect the way that films are analyzed by critics and audiences? Please use an actual film/director/marketing campaign to illustrate your points. According to Auteur theory, a director’s film truly reflects the personal creative vision of the director. It is as if the director was the primary “auteur” (a French word for the author). Even though the production of the film is a production process, the creative voice of the auteur is clearly distinct in a film and it reflects in the final output. One of the main criticisms of this theory or film making technique is that if only considers the director as the main focal and authoritative person in making a film. It is felt that the study of a film should incorporate not only the director’s vision but also include the contribution of all the people involved in film making process. If the director has a vision and if his movies have been successful in the past then the director’s films are anticipated in future also. People look forward to the release of their films with great expectations. For example Alfred Hitchcock is one of those directors, whose films carry a personal touch and one can easily visualize his creativity in each of his films. Marketers use all types of gimmicks to promote a film based on the popularity of the director and so succeed in this endeavor. Critics start analyzing the film based on what the director has conveyed. It may not be his own view but the fact is if the director is popular, then the praise (and the blame as well) is aimed at the director only. Planet of the Apes is one such film which has surpassed the expectation of even those who believed that the film would be a box office success. It is one of the rarest films which had more historical impact than its quality. After watching it one can form an opinion about the film as a good film but it cannot be called a classic. It had a socially conscious theme and was very well executed science fiction adventure film. When it was released in the theaters, it immediately captured the imagination of the audience. The film was marketed as a family feature film, so that parents could take their children to watch without any fear or worry of getting affected by the cultural turmoil prevailing at that particular moment in the country. It was projected as a source of escapism for those viewers who were keen to lose themselves in a make believe world for two hours. Discussion 2 1. Elements of Genre After watching three of the ten movie clips listed in the Multimedia section, above, describe how they fit into a specific genre (or subgenre) as explained in the text. What elements of the film are characteristic of that genre? How does it fulfill the expectations of that genre? How does it play against these expectations? A genre is basically a type, or category of films. The genre films are usually easily recognizable as part of a certain genre. Actually genre is not a measure of quality as some people are tending to believe. Analyzing the film The Big Country one can come to the conclusion it is a typical Western. It can be argued that no genre of film is more inherently American than the Western. Historically, Western has been revived and reinvented several times right from the silent era. The most recognized figure of American cinema is “The Duke”, very well portrayed by John Wayne. There are others who fall into this category of stalwarts who pioneered and established the genre of Western, namely James Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Rory Calhoun, Randolph Scott etc. The Big Country is one of the popular funs Western with several plots running simultaneously within the story. The first one is the struggle between two ruthless enemies played by Charles Bickford and Burl Ives. William Wyler directed this Western beautifully which lasted for three hours. The best part of the movie is that even though there are several plots running simultaneously, the audience does not lose interest in the story or the narrative. The film holds you like a vice. It beautifully plays to the expectations of the viewers with the help of scenes which are typically Western. The Substitute Heads is a comedy – cum – horror movie. Horror shows and movies with violence are not my cup of tea. The story was extremely horrible and the situation was too scary and unbelievable. Such kinds of movies leave a bad impression in the minds and I fail to understand for what type of audience are such movies made. I for one, could not understand the logic and the reasoning as well. Sleepless in Seattle is another movie which I watched and enjoyed thoroughly. A very well made film and terribly romantic situation which touches your heart. This kind of movie touches one’s heart. The viewer is always on tenterhooks and cannot imagine if the two lovers would meet at the end or not. The clip where the girl is standing on top of the building and is confused as to what is going to happen in future between her and the boy. A sudden discovery of a toy bear in the backpack pleases her. The little boy arrives on the scene and asks for her backpack. This is the time they meet and get themselves introduced. The scene where they hold hands and leave simultaneously is very imaginatively filmed. It touches the viewer’s heartstrings