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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Oct. 28, 2017
Author: Shipra

Occupational Health and Safety Consultation Procedure SCOPE This procedure applies to management, employees and contractors within XYZ Training and requires the full cooperation and assistance of all personnel. PROCEDURE The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that employers must consult with their employees in regards to OH&S to enable the employees to contribute to the making of decisions affecting their health, safety and welfare at work. Consultation is important as it helps to identify Risks and Hazards in the workplace so that controls can be put in place The views of employees will be valued and taken into account by management. WHEN TO CONSULT 1. Consultation with employees shall take place whenever any of the following take place: 2. When risks to health and safety arise from work procedures 3. When risks to health and safety assessments are reviewed 4. When introducing or altering procedures for monitoring risks 5. When decisions are undertaken to eliminate or control risks 6. When consultation procedures are being devised, specifically: a. The employees' preferred method of consultation b. The membership of any health and safety committee 7. When there are proposed changes to the: a. Work premises b. Systems or work methods c. Substances or plant used at work d. procedures for ESTABLISHING CONSULTATIVE STRUCTURES XYZ Training shall follow the following steps to establish consultative structures. • The election of health and safety representatives • The establishment of a health and safety committee. An up to date list of OHS representatives and OHS Committee members shall be displayed in a prominent place . HEALTH AND SAFETY REPRESENTATIVES Health and safety representatives shall be elected by staff. The staff shall decide how to conduct the election, and shall define the terms of the appointment (e.g. duration). The primary role of the health and safety representative is to represent the health and safety interests of the workers. Key roles and functions of health and safety representatives include: • Assist with identifying solutions OHS issues • Apply their knowledge of health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice • Assist in involving employees in resolving health and safety issues • Inspecting the workplace • Accompanying an Inspector • Being present at any interview between an employee and an inspector • Requesting the establishment of a health and safety committee • Issuing Provisional Improvement Notices XYZ Training shall allow health and safety representatives time off work with pay to attend an approved training course to allow them to represent their workgroup effectively. OHS COMMITTEE XYZ Training shall support the formation of an OHS Committee. and consult with the health and safety representatives on the composition and functions of the committee. • At least half of the Committee members shall be employees. • The optimum size of the Committee shall be between six and twelve members. • Senior management, with decision-making authority, shall be represented on the Committee. The Committee shall support XYZ Training's OHS program by • exploring broad workplace health and safety issues • developing policies, procedures and programs that contribute to workplace health and safety. • monitoring steps taken to solve health and safety problems, and • overseeing the implementation of risk control measures. The company will respond to OHS Committee recommendations within a timeframe agreed by the Committee, set according to the particular issue. Committee members will be provided with relevant training where necessary to effectively fulfil their role. HOW THE CONSULTATION PROCESS SHOULD WORK When an OHS issue is raised by the company, an employee or the OHS Committee, health and safety representatives will consult staff. They will also feed outcomes of the OHS committee meetings back to the staff. In the first instance, employees should draw to the attention of their supervisor any health and safety concerns that they have about the workplace so the issue can be promptly addressed. Should this not occur, the issue should be referred to either the health and safety representative or an OHS Committee member. Effective Consultation In order for consultation to be effective, management must acknowledge the views of employees and inform them of any changes that have been made in the workplace due to issues raised during consultation