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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 23, 2017
Author: Shipra

PERCEPTION Introduction: It is defined as the process by which organisms interpret and organize sensation to produce a meaningful experience. Sensation can be defined as the result which derives from the stimulation of sensory organs. Our sensory organs feels something from the environment i.e., from the stimulus and sends the signals to the brain where these signals are interpret by the brain and then our brain responses to that sensory organ. The process of perception helps us to form our viewpoint towards the other objects or living beings. If a person do not have any perception about anything then his or her life will be meaningless. It means there is no happiness, nothing. It may vary from person to person. Different people may react in different manner for the same situation. This is called perception. How we perceive situations differently is our perception. (n.d. 2015) Importance of perception: It forms our world. Our happiness or sadness depends on how we perceive the object or situation which comes in front of us. If we perceive it positively then we can become happy otherwise sad. It is based on the behavior of people which means that how they interpret the situation. When behavior is concerned, one should make use of perception very carefully so that reality and perception can be understood differently. Our behaviors are the result of our perceptions. If our perception is good, then we perceive well for others otherwise vice-versa. Perceptions should not be misunderstood so that it may not lead to misunderstandings which ultimately break relationships. People with like perceptions can form a group easily and share their feelings with one another. If the perception is healthy and positive then it may result in good. But if perception is negative then it may create misunderstandings. Workforce will become happy if you will be able to reduce the conflicts by handling the situations with positive perception. It is necessary for us to survive in our environment. It allows us to take the sensory information from the environment and to put into meaningful information. (T.Bernhard, 2015) Perception has many principles which are as follows: • Organization: It helps the person to put a raw data into meaningful information. It involves cognition which is the combination of various activities such as thinking, knowing and remembering. If a person possesses knowledge then he or she can easily identify the stimulus and can act accordingly. Visual perception is the process through which one can understand the shapes or symbols and can interpret the meaning from it. But for an illiterate people it is quite impossible to read the language. • Gestalt laws of grouping: It is founded by three researchers who are Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka and Wolfgang. According to them, there are five main laws which are proximity, similarity, continuity, closure and common fate. Here, proximity refers to the close relationship between the objects. Similarity means same in shape, size, texture, weight, etc. Continuity refers to the law which helps us in continuing in a particular direction. Closure means the way of seeing the complete form of the objects. Common fate means that all the objects in the group move in the same direction. (R.R.Behrens. 2004) Factors affecting perception There are many factors which affect or you can say helps in forming our perception. These factors are: • The perceiver: Perceiver is the person who has to perceive which means the person who has to understand the situation and act accordingly. The perception of the perceiver depends on the following factors: 1. Attitudes: It is the way in which one thinks of something or the feelings he or she has for another thing. 2. Motives: It can be defined as the reason for which work is done. 3. Interest: It refers to the feeling of wanting to know about someone or something. 4. Experience: It refers to the event which leaves an impression on someone. 5. Expectations: It can be defined as a strong belief that something will definitely happen. • The target: Target refers to the stimuli which the perceiver has to speak on. • The situation: It refers to the surrounding environment in which perceiver has to perceive the object. (S. Rao, 2008) Perception and individual decision-making Every individual has to make decisions according to the situation. It means he or she has to make choice between the two or three alternatives. Decision-making can be done at all the level of management. Each management level has its own decision-making powers. So here, the perception is required to make decisions. When anyone of them does not have any perception then he or she cannot make right decisions. Perception helps us in forming any views of others. It can be positive or negative. Perception builds one’s character. It helps us to present your views regarding the situation. If employers provide a comfortable environment to his or her employees then they can easily give their best. People are judged according to their perception because on the basis of their perception they can form an opinion regarding the situation or the event. Decisions of an individual should be wholly based on his or her own’ perception, because perception helps us to form responds to the stimuli existing in our environment. (D.Raliya. 2013) Conclusion: Perception plays a very important role in our life. It helps us to judge the things in a right or a wrong way according to our abilities. REFERENCES • An introduction to the analysis of perception.2015. n.d. Retrieved from on 11th Nov. • Why judging people makes us unhappy. 2015. T. Bernhard. Retrieved from on 11th Nov. • Art, design and Gestalt. 2004. 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