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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 21, 2017
Author: Shipra

List all of the following in the most logical order from smallest to largest within one human cell. FCLAJHB A. Pyrimidine B. Sister chromosome #13 during anaphase C. Five nucleotides – 1.7 nm D. One nucleosome 146 nucleotides 49.64 nm E. Four histones F. Guanine G. Functional group that can be added to ADP to make ATP H. Paternal #13 chromosome during prophase I. Number of nucleotides required to make a section of mRNA containing two codons J. Shortest gene in the human genome K. Phosphorus 221 pm L. All nucleotides within all parental #13 chromosomes during metaphase Identify every item that is not synthesized in translation but is needed for DNA replication. A. Protein B. DNA ligase C. Okazaki fragment D. Deoxyribose E. DNA polymerase III F. mRNA G. RNA primase H. Helicase I. RNA polymerase J. Helicase K. rRNA L. Thymine Identify everything in this list that is synthesized in translation and then is used in transcription. A. promoter B. enzyme C. codon D. ribosomal subunit E. amino acids F. RNA polymerase G. gene H. protein I. DNA polymerase J. nucleic acid K. a catalyst L. mRNA Out of the following group, list the THREE choices that, based on logic, have the highest molecular weights (in order from largest to smallest)? A. 5 DNA triplets- B. 2 ATPs – C. MPF D. 3 methionines- E. Cdk F. 4 purines- G. 4 oligopeptides - H. 5 disaccharides- I. 10 codons- J. 7 nucleotides, each containing ribose-