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All agency action can be classified in three categories: quasi-adjudication: order making, judicial quasi-legislation: rulemaking executive
Posted On: Nov. 20, 2017
Author: Shipra

Business Research Project Part One …. QNT 561 October 28, 2013 …. Business Research Project Part One PROBLEM: The demise of the ethical shopper: shifting non-ethical consumption to ethical behaviour, where the manufacturers selling branded product face tough competition from those offering unethical products at cheaper rates. PURPOSE: The purpose of this research would be to identify and explore the extent of ethical and socially responsible (ESR) behaviour of food shoppers and to examine the ESR factors that influence the choice of products and stores. BACKGROUND: The shoppers of the city currently were found purchasing more than half of the grocery and dairy products such as $2 milk, from the private label grocery manufacturers. Brand manufacturers continue to be concerned with consumers' moves. The consumers cannot be solely held responsible for their unethical shopping habits as they get almost similar products at cheaper rates. Moreover, globally, supermarket retailers continue to increase their proportion of private label products which not only persuade but compel the shoppers to shift their demand from branded products to those private packings. Country's largest food retailer, in November 2011, reported to shareholders their plans to double the proportion of private label, house brand products to 35% of their range. For the brand manufacturers to revive back in the market, they need to plan and manipulate the consumers' shopping needs, by highlighting their product quality and spreading awareness. Awakening the consumers about their unethical shopping behaviour, and convincing them to consume branded products to become a socially and ethically responsible shopper.